Simple Glazed Pumpkin Spice Doughnut Recipe

Last weekend, I officially welcomed fall with homemade Pumpkin Spice Soap. It was my first pumpkin indulgence of the season; I can’t believe I waited three weeks! Now I am making up for lost time with another pumpkin flavored favorite – pumpkin spice doughnuts!

These doughnuts are as easy as they are delicious. They’re perfect for those times you’re craving something sweet but don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy. The batter is made from only two ingredients and, including cooking time, these yummy baked doughnuts are ready in under 15 minutes!

How to Make the Best Pumpkin Spice Soap


I have been a serious slacker. We are already into the third week of fall, and I haven’t consumed a single pumpkin latte, pumpkin cookie, or pumpkin candy! Something must be wrong with me.

I blame it on the weather. It’s still 90 + degrees here in Phoenix; it just doesn’t feel like fall yet! This morning I decided to change that. Since it’s too hot for a pumpkin spice latte, I chose to make pumpkin spice soap instead. Making the soap was surprisingly easy and filled my home with the scent of fall that I have been missing! This pumpkin spice soap is so amazing, I know you will want to make it too! Check out the simple directions below.

The Best Way to Save Money on Clothes

save money on clothes

I love beautiful clothes and shoes. I also love saving money. Before I had Ella, I enjoyed spending hours sifting through secondhand stores to find hidden gems – gorgeous, name brand clothing at a fraction of the original price. I don’t have time for that these days, but that’s okay. I found something much better, something that changed the way I shop for clothes.

Frozen Chai Tea Latte Recipe

frozen chai tea latte recipe

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Now that we are halfway through September, I am so ready for the cooler weather. We are just finishing up our second summer in Phoenix, and I still can’t get used to the extreme heat. It’s seriously brutal!

Walking through the grocery store on Sunday, I could tell that I was not the only one excited for fall. From pumpkin flavored everything to Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations, fall fever has definitely hit!

My shopping trip left me craving one of my favorite cool weather drinks. Nothing beats a hot Chai Tea Latte on a chilly day. However, since it’s still 100 + degrees outside, a hot drink didn’t sound all that appealing. So I experimented a bit, and came up with this frozen Chai tea latte recipe.

Make Money Blogging: How to Get Hired By Brands

make money blogging: learn how to get hired by brands

I have finally gotten to the point where I can confidently say that my blog is successful. This was not always the case. I have been blogging for seven years and for much of that time I let my “pageview number” dictate the worth of my blog. Now I understand how inaccurate and defeating that belief was.

Today, my focus is completely different. My goal is to write posts that are valuable to my readers as well as the brands that hire me. I am focused on creating the best content I can. And you know what? Brands love this! They want their products to be represented by passionate and creative bloggers.

Since I have stopped obsessing over my traffic, not only do I have a more engaged and authentic audience, but I get paid very well for my blogging efforts. I say this, not to brag, but to encourage bloggers who have a smaller readership to see the value they can offer. Your numbers truly do not measure the value you offer your readers or brands.